Alhambra’s latest show is fun mix of color, sound


The latest show to grace the stage at Alhambra Theatre & Dining is perhaps the most colorful and eclectic performance the theater has ever seen.

"Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" took centerstage on June 20 and it provides an array of colors and musical genres for the audience to enjoy.

As not only do they have a mix of colors both with the wardrobe choices but also with the background visuals and lighting effects used.

After taking a brief hiatus from musicals for one show, the Alhambra brought back the musical flavor in a big way to the delight of all the musical lovers out there.

And the musical selection keeps the audience on their toes throughout with the element of surprise in full swing, as there are scenes dedicated to everything from a country theme to that of a Rock-N-Rolling pharaoh.

Another aspect that made the show unique is that due to it being during the summer, they were able to use a youth ensemble to accompany and share the stage with the actors at times.

The youth ensemble consists of 16 children ranging from eight years old to a rising sophomore in high school, who is Salka Corring, who attends Ponte Vedra High and is grateful to be doing what she is passionate about during her summer break.

The youth ensemble is divided up with some performing in shows from June 20 to July 14 and others taking part in the showings July 16 to Aug. 11, while a handful are scheduled to do every show throughout its time in the theater.

All the children were local and for many of them it was not the first time they had been in an Alhambra production.

The cast features a wide array, including Aaron DeCicco who has the role of the narrator during the play and offers a strong vocal range when singing, especially alongside Markus Mann who was casted as Joseph.

DeCicco shares the stage with her husband Erik DeCicco who plays Rueben, one of Joseph’s brothers, and was the primary vocal focus during the country music scene, which also brought about its share of laughs and smiles from the crowd.

Mann has a theater career spanning more than a decade and has performed all over the country and the world, including the Asian premier of "Madagascar: A Musical Adventure."

Justin Murphy offers a unique performance as pharaoh but think more of an Elvis style to his portrayal.

He got to perform with his wife and son during the show, as his son Trey made his return to the Alhambra as Benjamin, while his wife Shelia was a member of the ensemble.

Trey’s talent as a voice actor has been on display in the past as he is the voice of Taborr in "Star Wars: Young Jedi" on Disney Plus.