Beauty and fashion hacks from an expert


New York Fashion Week has come and gone, but I have the beauty dish on some awesome hacks and beauty tricks from the fashionable shows.

I have had the pleasure of making up models’ faces for product box covers and fashion week, as well as national sportscasters and my share of celebrities. Therefore, through the years I have learned a lot, and I love beauty hacks! If you do not know what these are, they are another way to use a product to save the day. Simply said, they’re beauty tricks.

So, let me share my top 10 beauty and fashion hacks.

  • No lip gloss? Use organic coconut oil across those lips. Instant glossy glamification.

  • An effective way to get to those tiny bottom lashes and define them beautifully is by using a Proxabrush, which is primarily used for getting food from between the teeth. These mini brushes are fabulous. Dip one in your mascara tube and then run it down the bottom lashes. No clumpy look!

  • Almond and or olive oil work as a great hydrating nail oil beauty hack for jagged edge cuticles, brittle nails and dry skin around the fingers and toes. Both are great to refresh your mani and pedi too! No expensive product is needed. Hand models do this beauty ritual daily.

  • Did you overdo with your sunless tanner? And is your tan fading and looking streaky? Try this DIY (Do It Yourself). You will need 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of brown sugar and 1 tablespoon of jojoba or almond oil. Mix all of these in a mini glass bowl, and apply with a spoon, starting to scrub the area you want to lighten up and even out the tone of the skin. Pay particular attention to the knuckles and knees.Your skin will look so much better.

  • Have you purchased a lipstick and hated it once you got it home because it is too dark? Don’t throw it out yet. Stock your beauty box with a champagne gold or silver lipstick. When used over the “not so pretty on you” lipstick, these metallic hues work wonders and will lighten up the dark hue and make a beautiful new one for you.

  • Do you want gorgeous and glowing skin for your next selfie? Use what we pros use: Korean Beauty (KBeauty) face and eye masks. These masks are trending and used on models before going on the catwalk. Different ones do different things, including face lifting, pore minimizing, hydrating and more. Leave on 10 to 15 minutes, and the results work miracles! Glow, girl!

  • Are your black stilettos or strappy sandals scratched and scuffed? And you want to know how to cover that up? Clean the shoe, take a bottle of black nail polish and apply it as needed where you need on the shoe. It will cover it up instantly.

  • Do you have tired looking eyes and dark circles? The trick is not to use tons of concealer or just a beige shade but the right hue. A salmon or buttercup colored concealer can be your saving grace. You will love the results.

  • - Powder bronzer is not just intended to give you a sun-kissed glow. Placing bronzer on naked nails and applying clear nail polish gives you a bronze nail polish. It can also be used with a fine eyeliner brush to define the eyes when you do not have any eyeliner. Lastly, the lips can glisten with a gold goddess touch by applying bronzer on your lips and adding a clear gloss on top.

  • An ancient Asian beauty secret used by royalty is the anti-aging jade roller for the face and eyes. Used in upward strokes and around the eyes, it works wonders. Jade is a natural cold stone that, when used on the face, revs up blood circulation and provides a glow to the complexion and a lifted appearance without having to get done plastic surgery or receive a Botox injection.

I hope you enjoyed these beauty hacks and tricks. If you have a beauty question, I am happy to help. Email me at

Noreen Young is a nationally known professional makeup artist and skin expert. She is seen in magazines, on TV and heard on radio stations across the country. When not working on location, she is in her beauty kitchen and studio whipping up beauty treatments and fun. She serves as a guest speaker for ladies hosting beauty workshops. Email her at