Getting ahead of one’s self


They say that laughter is the best medicine ‘out there!’ Well, I’ve certainly had a big dose of that this past week. I had received a beautiful postcard with fall leaves in full color, telling me not to forget to change my clocks! The only bad news about this reminder was that it failed to tell me WHEN to change them. It seemed like we always changed them the last Sunday of the month; so on Saturday, the 24th, I proceeded to change at least 40 clocks in my house, setting them back a full hour. (Mr. Whoozy and I were always on time!)

I got up an hour later Sunday morning, the 25th, thinking I was getting a good extra hour’s sleep. I even made Precious, my adorable puppy, wait another hour in her kennel before I fed her.

Later in the day, I realized that my cell phone hadn’t changed its clock like it usually does. Bah humbug! I went to ‘settings’ and proceeded to change that clock as well. That afternoon, about time for the Cowboy football game, my son called me to see if I were going to watch the game. I told him I was all ready for it, and had just turned on my TV. BING! “Mom, it doesn’t start for another hour.” How could that be? A lightbulb went off in my senior brain, and I started to laugh just thinking of all the things I had nearly done that morning, like going to brunch with my breakfast club group an hour early, being at church an hour early, etc. My son and I couldn’t stop laughing.

It’s nearly a week later, and I am still laughing about it. I have had to add an hour to the time every time I look at a clock. I refused to set them all back again and have to go through that ‘Mickey Mouse fire drill’ once more! Having to explain my clock situation to my visiting granddaughter, made it even more hilarious. I’m sure she thinks her grandmother is more senile than she realized. Not so……just frustrated over the whole thing. Some states don’t do “Daylight Saving Time.” I will now vote for that! Italians take time out each day for a rest or to slow down with a cappuccino. Great idea! ENJOY!

Just so all you folks out there remember, the Ocean Wave Quilters Guild meets the second Friday of the month. Mark your calendar to attend this next meeting if you have never done so. Nov. 13 is the day. They meet at The Players Community Center on Landrum Ln., off CR-210 behind the Shell station in Ponte Vedra, at 10:00 – 12:00. They will welcome you for sure. I’ll be there if I can figure out what the real time is at my house. Surely I’ll have this problem solved before then.

Jacque Huber’s quilt exhibit at the Cultural Center in Ponte Vedra is ongoing. You can check out his quilts online at http://ccpvb.org/exhibitions/quilt-exhibtion. Raffle tickets are on sale online until Dec. 12. Tickets are one for $25 or 5 for $100 and can be purchased online or in their front office. All monies go to support the arts and activities at the Cultural Center at 50 Executive Way off A1A in Ponte Vedra. For more info call (904) 280-0614.