Heat of the pandemic got you down? Try cooling off with Beaches Cryoskin


Let’s face it – for many of us, social distancing has not only distanced our interactions, but our waistlines as well. Months of Netflix, anxiety, snacks and elastic pajamas can do that. It’s OK. Sometimes you got to self-soothe with a Nutter Butter – or five.

Now that summer has reared its ugly flaming head, the only thing that feels cold is the slap of reality as bathing suits are donned once again.

At Beaches Cryoskin, feeling cold can actually end up as a confidence boost thanks their CryoToning and CryoSlimming technology.  According to owner Corinn Noske, it’s a lot less painful, too.

“Cryoskin uses a wand, unlike other cold fat melting treatments,” Noske said. “Other cold sculpting treatments use a suction mechanism which creates bruising or nerve damage. Ours uses a hand technique, which many find relaxing.”

Many people are somewhat familiar with cold sculpting, or “cryolipolyisis” technology since its market debut in 2010. The method uses subzero temperatures to “freeze fat,” essentially rendering the storage cells useless. The draw for many was the ability to target certain “problem” areas (i.e. arms, lower abs, neck) that people have a difficult time toning on their own.

For anyone who has spent hours of one-on-one time with a Thigh Master hoping to work the thunder out of their legs – this may sound too good to be true. 

Noske swears by her magic wand, however.

“Cryoskin is permanent, immediate inch loss,” Noske said. “When you do the treatment, you can measure before and after and it's guaranteed a minimum of half an inch loss. Usually we see anything between an inch or two inches in a single session.” 

She is confident enough that Beaches Cryoskin offers guaranteed results, providing continued sessions until the initial treatment recommendation is achieved.

According to Cryoskin enthusiasts, the technology goes so far as to double the amount of fat cells destroyed (44%) than traditional cold sculping in clinical trials.

Recently, the medical spa added another addition to their fat-melting arsenal, something they call “Endospheres.”

“We are one of three in America that has this device it's so new,” Noske said “It's imported from Italy. We've been offering it since March and are seeing incredible results, especially in combination with the Cryoskin machine. [The device] promotes whole body lymphatic drainage”

Endospheres uses what they call a “microvibration method” that targets and breaks down hardened, fatty tissue with hundreds of soft, rapidly rotating spheres. The method is also noninvasive and additionally offers zero down time.

Noske said the method is perfect for individuals concerned about “saddle bags” or other visceral fat areas that are the result of office jobs, hormones or inflammatory responses.

Additionally, she boasts, “it does a really dramatic, amazing butt lift.” 

Perhaps we haven’t earned an amazing butt, however, maybe this year we deserve it.

 Beaches Cryoskin is located at 5150 Palm Valley Road Suite 208, Ponte Vedra Beach. For more information call (904) 862-1999 or visit beachescryoskin.com.


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