grow old with me

I’m baaaack! Hip, Hooray!


First, my sincerest appreciation to Editor Kelly McDermott for keeping my place warm until I could return from my forced sabbatical, or, in other words, my entry into the BWCPV...the Bionic Women’s Club of Ponte Vedra. I had hip replacement surgery and am now recovering well. Five weeks out, though still restricted from certain moves and postures for fear of dislocation, I’m able to walk without a cane, climb the 18 steps from the street to my front door without help and driving as well. I’ve also discovered that Publix delivers straight to my kitchen. I give thanks!

I do have to undergo a second hip replacement when I am fully healed from this one, but at least now I know what to expect. For those of you who may be contemplating replacing your hip and are waiting for the right time or the right frame of mind, I’d like to encourage you to ‘’just do it.’’ I waited too long and compromised my body and my sense of well being as my hip deteriorated and no doubt made it more difficult for my surgeon. I shoulda, coulda, woulda done it sooner if fear hadn’t stepped into my decision making process.

My family was helpful to me both in the hospital and when I came home. My youngest daughter lives with me at present, and has been an incredible support. In order to make my recovery needs easier on her, (no one wants their child to be a caregiver) and the fact that she has a wonderful but intense and time consuming job, I had home health care both day and night for the first two weeks and then only during the day for the next week. I had in home physical therapy as well. I learned how to dress using a ‘grabber,’ a long shoe horn, and a sock aid. I was wiser than I knew to purchase a walk in tub when I did some renovating of my condo after I moved back to Ponte Vedra. It has been of inordinate help to my compromised hips. And, when I returned from the hospital, I was able to quickly regain my cleanliness and godliness.

However, a strange occurrence, post surgery...the disappearance of my desire to eat a healthy diet. My appetite was non-existent until I discovered barbequed wings and mashed potatoes. And, that’s what I ate for four weeks straight. My daughter tried to entice me with her excellent home cooking. Instead I asked for bbq’d wings from our local supermarket. Salads were out. a pinch. A half sandwich... depends. I stayed bewinged until the morning I woke up clucking.

My eldest daughter said she lost her appetite too after her hip surgery. She ate pop tarts and coke for weeks. There must be something in the anesthesia, we figured. Or kooky eating is in our DNA. I’ve not verified either, medically.

So, wish me well as I go down this bionic road to full recovery. And to all of you who are recovering along with me, I wish you a speedy return to life as you wish it to be.

I leave you as witness to: My gratitude to my surgeon and all those who helped him, the nurses and doctors and physical therapists in hospital and out who were and are dedicated to my well being, to my family and friends who fed me, sent flowers and cards, visited with me and drove me to my appointments. May you receive special blessings this holiday season.