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In St. Johns County, everyone must play by the rules


There was an item on the PZA agenda Thursday, Sept. 17. It concerned a large land site that is way out on Adams Acres Rd. The site is in the middle of many wooded acres — hard to notice. But, as luck would have it — or rather bad luck — the site suffered a large explosion. When investigating this accident, the County discovered nine unpermitted structures as well as unpermitted electrical and mechanical work. Therefore, the County shut down the business. This was done in August of 2014.

This is now over a year later and the business still needs to get land use permits, building permits and all the rest. A public records request shows that Dr. Roy Hinman is the owner. That name should be familiar to all of us who read the St. Augustine Record. This is the man who has been criticizing county officials in full page ads for months now.

He started out being angry about the proposed sales tax and the Commissioners. He deteriorated into frank criticism about the County Administrator and how the county was being run and how it should be run etc. etc. Full page ads cost about $1,000 each. He has posted ten or more. He wants the county administrator fired for wasting money on golf courses and other frivolous activities. Like enforcing codes and laws.

Hum! Hum! I can just see him standing out there on Adams Acres Road. Jumping up and down waving his ads in the air saying. I’ll show you. You’ll be sorry you went after me. All his friends seem to be right there with him yelling at the county for sticking their nose in a man’s business. We saw many of them at the commission meetings with signs and shouts about freedom from being told what to do. Freedom from taxation and all.

Well, guess what? That man decided he didn’t have to play by the rules like everyone else in this county does. He took his freedom in his own hands and is paying the price.

I’d like to end by saying that no one in this County Administration told the world about this man’s illegal activities. No one breathed a word about this law breaker.

I figure that’s just not right. He is no hero. He is just a man who couldn’t get his own way.

There is the tale about what happens if you live in glass houses and throw stones.

His stones came back at him and shattered all his nine glass houses.

Mary Kohnke

Ponte Vedra Beach

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