It’s more than just a garage!


What door do you use to enter your home?  If you’re like the majority of homeowners, the answer is the garage. Some of you will say it’s just a garage, but is it? 

The garage is now considered an extension of your home with due right. In many cases, the garage is the largest room in the house and must serve multiple purposes. The main purpose should be the storage and protection of very expensive assets: our “cars.”

However, the garage also is one of the easiest places to gain storage, so the rest of the home can be more efficient. When you have a combination of cabinets and organizers, this is the framework for creating a truly organized home.


Free up space inside the home

The garage can store items that are taking up valuable space inside the home. Most kitchens or pantries do not have enough room to store our items. Cabinets in the garage can be used to store your belongings that are solely for special occasions.  These are items like party platters, small appliances, bread makers, rice cookers, ice cream makers, etc.  

Once these items are out of the kitchen and pantry, the new space can be organized for maximum efficiency with things you use most often. Say goodbye to the crammed cabinets and over-stuffed shelves.  

As consumers, we have a fascination with warehouse stores and buy products in bulk. These bulk purchases make storage even more of a challenge. Having a cabinet in the garage dedicated to items like paper towels, toilet tissue, bottled drinks, etc., helps keep them from going into the home and taking up valuable space until they are truly needed.

Additionally, closets in the home have a tendency to be a collecting area for items that don’t relate to the storage of our clothing. There are usually many items like luggage that could be moved to the garage to free up space for better use of our closets.


Organize your belongings

Just having the cabinets in the garage will not make you organized. Now, you must have a strategy that will get and keep you organized. If you do not have a plan, then you will be disappointed with the results and possibly go back to bad habits. 

The first thing to do is an assessment of the items you do have. Do I keep, donate or throw away?  Depending on how many belongings you have or how easily you can sort into categories will determine if you can do this yourself or if you require some assistance. If possible, having someone that is not emotionally attached to the items will help with the sorting process. 

The organizing process may sound simple; however, if not done correctly, the space will not be maximized or function to fit your needs. This is where someone trained in organization will be worth the investment.


De-clutter, de-stress and enjoy

It is such a good feeling to actually get your cars in the garage and see your items neatly organized or hidden behind attractive cabinet doors. No matter the condition of the garage, this is the year to take charge of the space and not let your belongings control you. It may seem like an overwhelming task, but the satisfaction of having your belongings in order will be very rewarding.   


Tim Blin is the owner of Tailored Living featuring PremierGarage. For more information or for a free consultation, call Tim at (904) 645-0885 or visit