Jumbo Shrimp CEO speaks at luncheon


More than 50 members attended The Churchmen’s luncheon on April 20 at Marsh Landing County Club.

Since it was April, they celebrated the start of the baseball season. Ken Babby, the CEO of the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp was the luncheon speaker. Babby told his life story, growing up in a baseball family. After college he worked for the Washington Post. With changes in the ownership at the Post, he decided to follow his lifetime passion. So he bought a minor league baseball team. He has been the CEO of the Jumbo Shrimp since 2015 and has achieved great success in boosting the team’s image and driving increased attendance.

Babby’s two-fold mission is to create a memorable, unique, affordable and enjoyable fan experience, and maximize the opportunity to effect change in the community through charitable, wellness and education initiatives.