Jumbo Shrimp offer Valentine’s Day package


There are many ways to go about making sure to make that special someone know how loved they are this Valentine’s Day, both traditionally and uniquely.

One of the more unique ways to show one’s love this year comes courtesy of the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp, as the minor league baseball team has something special they are offering.

As part of the Valentine’s Day package, the Jumbo Shrimp are presenting four dugout reserved ticket vouchers that will not be dated for specific games, which will allow them to be used for any home game during the 2024 season, which is set to begin in April.

They are also teaming up with a couple of local businesses to really add to the Valentine’s Day vibes.

Along with the tickets, the person receiving will also get a rose from Arlington Flower Shop, candy from Sweet Pete’s, as well as a Jumbo Shrimp Valentine’s Day card and decal of the team’s logo.

However, as if it was not unique enough, what makes it all its own is the fact that the gift package will be delivered by either one of the Jumbo Shrimp mascots, Scampi or Southpaw.

So, if you see a giant shrimp or dog mascot walking down the office hallways or on site where one works, do not be alarmed, because it is just some Jumbo Shrimp fans expressing how much they love each other one of the best ways they know how.

Scampi and Southpaw will be making their deliveries on Feb. 13 and 14, and reservations are limited so placing an order is something the Jumbo Shrimp recommend anyone interested does soon or goes to jaxshrimp.com for more details.

The Valentine’s Day packages cost $150 and must be ordered by noon on Feb. 12 or until packages sell out.

The team’s front office can be called to place an order and schedule a delivery time by calling 904-358-2846.

The Jumbo Shrimp are a Triple-A baseball affiliate of the Miami Marlins and play their home games at 121 Financial Ballpark in downtown Jacksonville.