The Recorder’s garden columnist Kathy Esfahani, of Kathy’s Creative Gardens & Nursery, shares her tips for growing gorgeous gardens in Northeast Florida.

“Plant dreams, pull weeds, and grow a happy life!”


A fun way to spruce up your landscaping aside from plants and flowers is with gardening decor. From store-bought, to DIY, there are many ideas and themes to create around your garden landscaping. Many popular ideas for garden decor can be created from materials you have at home and can be a fun weekend project!

Planters: We touched on planters a few weeks ago and how to create them. You can use all types of vessels for a planter, such as an old pallet for an herb or succulent garden, or spare colored tires built up and arranged for display. You can also use planter boxes under windows to create a beautiful look. Planters can be added within your garden or framing a front door, driveway, and more.

Decor to attract: Many types of decor and feeders can attract animals to your garden. Bird feeders and houses can attract a variety of birds and hummingbirds. They will keep coming back as you are a consistent source of food. You can also use a birdbath to bring flying friends into your yard. Butterflies will also be attracted to bright colors in the gardens, in addition to planting their favorite-smelling flowers.

Ornamental: Garden ornaments can add vast color and uniqueness to your garden. From stepping stones and lawn gnomes to wind chimes and sundials, let your personality shine through with your ornamental decor!

Structures: Some of the most popular enhancements are paver pathways and firepits, pergolas growing with flower vines, koi fish ponds and waterfall fountain features to add a relaxing vibe to your back patios, creating your own personal oasis.

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