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Kathy’s Gardening Guide: Getting ready for spring


The groundhog says spring is not coming early; but, never fear ... there are still ways to get your yard or lovely garden ready for the spring season.

First, it’s important to know our zone and what is best to plant locally. We are located in the 9A zone here in Northeast Florida, so you’ll need to ensure items you purchase can thrive in zone 9A.

■ Don’t forget the next step — an early spring cleanup. Clean up the mounds of plant debris that may be in your garden beds, including any annuals you failed to remove last fall.

■ This time is also great for transplanting any plants or trees you’ve been dying to relocate. The cooler, wet months of late is ideal for finally making the transfer.

■ Be sure to prune all of your plants and trees in the next few weeks, or as long as temperatures don’t go below freezing in the forecast of at least 32 degrees or less, just to ensure the majority of cold nights are over for the season. This will not only aid in producing maximum growth in the next few months, but the effort will be more than worth it come spring.

■ Fertilize flowers and plants, including all sodding during the month, most especially before the heat sets in.

■ Weed and mulch to refresh your flower beds or postings. Mulch discourages weeds and moderates the soil temperature. It also creates cohesion for your landscaping pageantry.

■ Tools. Please ensure that you purchase or clean and sharpen any gardening tools you need to ensure you’re ready for spring.

■ Although warm weather may be later than normal this year, it’s still time to get prepared with the materials you’ll need, especially to be prepared for a freeze or two before the coast is clear.

Happy planting!

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