Kathy’s Gardening Guide: Succulents for winter? Why not


Whoever said you couldn’t have nice plantings in winter?

Succulents are a perfect choice all-year long, especially during the cooler months when temperatures can dip very low, and the seasonal rain like we’ve been experiencing this year often makes planting outside — or indoors — seem like a chore. But, you still have options, especially when planting succulents in your yard or filling up your favorite container with a variety of colors. Any time of the year in Ponte Vedra Beach is as good a time as any for planting succulents.

Want to bring the beauty of succulents inside? Choose your favorite container! Provided it gives adequate space for soil, drainage and air, of course. Like humans, succulents thrive on lots of oxygen and sunlight. Your favorite container can either be from something you already have lying around your home, or something simple you purchased at the local dollar store.

We have created some glorious arrangements of succulents recently gathered at the nursery and planted within a resin seashell purchased at the local home-goods store. Simply clean the container thoroughly, ensuring the item you use is free of insects, larva and debris. Fill approximately halfway, then arrange the succulents you’ve chosen exactly how you prefer, placing any trailing plant to the edges to provide a more abundant container.

No placement is wrong!

When putting your new creation indoors, remember to place near sunlight, but not directly. Ensure the place chosen to feature your new creation provides lots of unobstructed airflow to give the succulents plenty of oxygen to thrive. Succulents do not need much water to survive. In fact, the less the better!

In a few days to a couple of weeks post planting, your succulents’ container will flourish! Simply place the container within your home or on a patio and enjoy the beauty of the succulents all year round!

Get creative and happy planting!

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