Keep hair healthy and hydrated during quarantine


With businesses reopening just in time for summer, hair salons are quickly filling up their appointment books, making the most out of the 50% capacity limit and probably correcting some DIY beauty mishaps attempted by clients that were stuck at home. But for those still staying indoors to be safe, the Recorder asked professional hair stylists Kendra Cantlon from Bellezza Salon and Boutique and April Villareal from Cleansed Hair Studio to provide five at-home beauty tips to ensure each process is done safely, correctly and with no regrets.

  1. Give your hair a break


Recommended by both, Cantlon and Villareal, quarantine is the perfect time to take a break from heat styling. “Take advantage of this time to repair your hair,” Villareal said. And according to, taking a break from heat styles, such as curling irons and straighteners helps improve the texture of natural hair and also helps hair grow faster since there is less damage at the roots.


  1. Use Deep Conditioning

Now that no heat is being applied, Cantlon and Villareal recommend some deep conditioning. “Take this time to rejuvenate your hair,” Cantell said. Use deep conditioning treatments one to two times a week to help keep hair hydrated.

  1. Prepare your hair for swimming


If summer plans involve taking a dive in the pool or ocean, Cantlon recommends wetting hair with regular water first. “Pre-wet your hair and use a leave-in conditioner or oil so the saltwater or chlorine doesn’t penetrate your hair first,” she said.

  1. Drink water


To keep hair hydrated, one of course needs to keep the body hydrated, as well. Water not only does wonders for hair, but for the skin, face and every aspect of the body. Health experts including the Mayo Clinic recommend drinking around eight glasses per day anyway, so just think of it as another beauty regimen. “Stress is a huge factor,” Cantlon added. “So keep your hair extra hydrated and remember to drink lots of water.”

  1. Try to avoid box color

Both Cantlon and Villareal recommend not coloring hair at home, but if the temptation is too strong, Villareal recommends using semi-permanent hair color. “Even though I do not recommend coloring hair at home, I understand the need for it,” she said. “Use semi-permanent color to refresh your existing hair color until you can schedule your next appointment.” She also recommends using a root color spray to temporarily color hair while also eliminating the need for chemicals. “You can find a variety of shades over the counter or online,” said Villareal.

For more hair tips, contact April Villareal at Cleansed Hair Studio at (904) 515-8342 or Kendra Cantlon at Bellezza Salon and Boutique at (904) 280-4247.


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