Legacy of 'Million Dollar Quartet' lives on at Alhambra


Alhambra Theatre & Dining opened its 2024 season with “Million Dollar Quartet” on Jan. 11 and the show will run until Feb. 18.

The show focuses on the musical session that took place with Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash at the Sun Records Studio in 1956 in Memphis, Tennessee.

The studio is fondly known as where the birthplace of Rock and Roll took place, and the musical does an excellent job of paying homage to that and bringing out the vibes often associated with the genre during that time.

Fans of any of the musical artists featured will be pleased by the performances, as they were vividly portrayed, especially the portrayal of Johnny Cash, who caused mouths to drop in the audience the first time he sang some musical notes, as the resemblance of his voice is uncanny.

Some timely comedic relief throughout his performance was offered by Jerry Lee Lewis. Not only was singing and dancing spot on, as his performance included his dance moves shown around and at times on top of the piano he played.

The performers showcased their versatility as both actors and singers and did a beautiful job of playing the part by engaging the crowd at times.

The stage helped set the scene from the minute one walks into the theatre, because it was set up like a recording studio and the details were spot on adding to the atmosphere of it all.

Many of the musical hits associated with the four artists featured were sang during the show, such as “Blue Suede Shoes,” “Great Balls of Fire,” “Who Do You Love,” and “Folsom Prison Blues,” just to name a few.

As a meal, the slow-roasted top round of beef, fried pork chops and seafood jambalaya give a hearty selection to choose from and Dave’s chocolate cake hit the spot to top it all off as a dessert option.

One thing for sure is that fans of either four of the performers that made up the “Million Dollar Quartet” will be missing out if they do not make plans to get out and see the show before its time in the theatre runs out.

These musical acts may not be around to perform anymore, but it is shows like the one at the Alhambra that keep their legacy alive for generations to come.

Tickets to future shows can be purchased by going to alhambrajax.com.