Letter to the Editor


Through the years, Vilano Beach has managed to keep its character intact. Vilano residents like our small, family oriented, residential beach community clustered around the Vilano Town Center. Witness our overwhelming opposition to the proposed Watermarke development; visit website www.saveourvilano.com. This complex will change us into the tourist destination we don’t want to be. Uncongested, quiet areas are quickly disappearing; leave our residential community alone for those of us who enjoy it as is!

Consider these mandates from the St. Johns County 2025 Comprehensive Plan for Land Use:

http://www.co.st-johns.fl.us/LongRangePlanning/media/CPA2025/2Adopted2025.pdfPolicy A.1.3.7(a): “the proposed commercial development is at a size and scale compatible with the surrounding area” – A complex with 170 hotel rooms/villas plus 70,000 square feet commercial space (2 1/2 times the size of our Publix) is not compatible with residential Vilano.

Policy A.1.3.7(c): “the applicant has demonstrated that a need exists for the proposed commercial development, based on the size, scale and population of the area being served” – A private/members only club intends to attract out-of-area tourists who don’t share our concerns, not the Vilano community.

Policy A.1.3.11(5): “A rezoning shall not be approved if it unreasonably or unduly impacts the natural environment” – A concrete beach walk-over across A1A and a rental shack are proposed. These dunes are flat, the beach itself narrow to non-existent. Regular storms cause sand and ocean to encroach on the road – a sign already warns of “Road Under Water!” There’s no room for the walk-over’s foundation on this eroded dune.

A resort of this magnitude will generate a multitude of tourists descending on our fragile beach. Numerous turtles nest here! Where will they go?

County Commissioners must be on the side of their voting constituents; say NO to developers attempting to amend the county’s Comprehensive Plan to the detriment of residents and the environment!

Ana Serrano

Vilano Beach