Letter to the editor


I believe that Gate Petroleum’s effort to develop the property at the end of Neck Road can be the red line in the sand in efforts to stop the incessant development of land in St Johns County.

  I have only been on the Outpost property once for a fundraiser. I found the natural beauty of the area much more interesting than making small talk with people I had nothing in common with and would never see again.

The people living on Neck Road have everything to lose and nothing to gain by allowing this development to continue. If you need volunteers to chain themselves to construction equipment to slow this effort, I am in the phone book. Just because big corporations can develop land does not mean they should be allowed to do so.

 I wonder sometimes, is it going to take anarchy to stop wealthy individuals like Herb Peyton and big businesses willingness to trample the rights of the people for the sake of big profits?

To me, taking my country back includes putting a stop to development of critical wetlands such as the Guana Tolmato Matanazas National Estuarine Research Reserve with whatever means necessary.  If anarchy is what is required, count this old man in.

Rick Mansfield

Ponte Vedra