Letter to the editor


It is a strange world we live in. This last election campaign was a good example of how citizens can feel left “out of the loop” so to speak.

Several media organizations were perfectly willing to deal with whatever deceit, smut or misdirection of issues that came their way and ignore issues of national vulnerability.

While the public, the politicians and various government agencies discussed the thousands upon thousands of government emails and reports of the hackers of various other nations that have secured direct access to them, the public seemed to lack the access to them that both our friends and those who oppose us have. Reports in the media stated that Russia, China, North Korea and Iran have done so. It is likely that our friends have also taken similar actions to determine an understanding of the hazards of such security breaches can have upon their interests.

Those messages with security classifications and known to all others are to be denied to the general public. What is so important that cannot be shared when “all others “ have access to this knowledge?

While Wikileaks and others have released much of the information, just where is the news media? Will those who shared such information with the maids, family members and spouses who received such sensitive information without security clearances be held responsible for their reckless actions? Is there any assessment of the damage done and the lives at risk of ourselves and our friends?

Henry C. Warner