Letter to the editor


I am in support of widening A1A. The traffic congestion in Ponte Vedra Beach is symptomatic of growth and proximity to the beach, fine golf courses and businesses that thrive in our community. To those who feel it will take away from the “ambience” of the community, do you feel a stream of cars sitting in a crawling line from J. Turner Butler to Corona Road is something worth preserving? I am a lifelong resident of the Beaches and have watched both the development and the congestion grow over the years and, despite my hesitation, have decided it is incumbent on our community to maintain infrastructure.

Most residents of Ponte Vedra and/or Nocatee work in Jacksonville. For those living in Nocatee, I can assure you they do not backtrack to A1A to JTB in order to get to Jacksonville. Many residents who live in Nocatee commute in a number of routes such as US1, 9B, I-95 and so forth to reach Jacksonville. For those of us who commute from Ponte Vedra Beach, we primarily commute using A1A to JTB.

As a resident of Ponte Vedra Beach, I am frustrated that it takes me longer to commute home, on average 20 to 25 minutes, daily from JTB to Sawgrass – a distance of approximately 4 miles (after making it down the entire length of JTB). I am more frustrated that many of those in opposition are those who claim widening the highway will impact safety. Do you sit on the same A1A I do? Have you sat on the highway when emergency responders have had to drive on the side of the road because cars were at a standstill and had nowhere to move?

Why not embrace progress, embrace the need to reduce the congestion by building further infrastructure to support those that live or pass through our community? We are home to THE PLAYERS and the origin of the 26.2 with Donna. Some of the largest events of the year are in Ponte Vedra Beach. Let’s be a model and find a solution to our traffic congestion.

I agree our Beaches community receives and welcomes many non-residents, daily. But isn’t that why we thrive? Let’s not make this an emotional decision and let’s focus on the fact that our roadway is inadequate, it requires improvements, inclusive of being widened. This is a community issue that must be taken seriously not with a band aid or living with the mediocrity of severe traffic congestion, it is time for expansion.

John Bass

Ponte Vedra Beach