Letter to the editor


About a year and a half ago, members of the Palm Valley Community Association were instrumental in stopping the “cruise ship” from being built in the heart of Palm Valley. It initially caught us off guard. We missed that little red development sign that the county posts. The project was halted and now 10 custom homes are being built in its place. With help from other community groups and volunteers, we made a difference by holding the line.

Because St. Johns County is such a desirable place to live, it seems we now have a little red sign over the entire county. Growth is good, as long as it is managed growth. Property owners sell, developers and contractors buy and build, and the county and its citizens hold them to established development standards.

At the traffic meeting held on April 25 by the NFTPO, not many were in favor of the recommendations from the traffic study conducted. We must not allow ourselves to be caught off guard again, nor should we lose sight of the facts. Fact: There is and will be more development in St. Johns County. We should continue to monitor and be involved in our community and neighborhood organizations. This will allow us to have input on how projects ultimately get developed. If there are issues, we should help identify and address them and at the same time offer up solutions.

It is up to all of us to show everyone the SJC way!

Victoria Corlazzoli