Letter to the editor


On May 9, the Citizen’s Traffic Task Force (CTTF) released comments that identified the next steps following the recent Ponte Vedra Beach Traffic Study public hearing that was conducted by the NFTPO: “Now that the NFTPO and its consultants have completed the study, they will incorporate public comments received at the hearing, in writing, or via their website into a final report to be presented to the St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners.”

The turnout at the public hearing, which was standing room only, was a great representation of the Ponte Vedra Beach community. We must continue to voice our opinions on the proposed widening of Mickler Road, County Road 210 (Palm Valley Road), A1A from Butler Boulevard down to Mickler Road and the traffic light at the roundabout. At the public hearing, it was clear that no one wants to see the widening of these roads!

It was agreed there has been an increase in traffic over these roads; the majority of those in attendance at the public hearing felt the increase in traffic is coming from Nocatee using A1A as a bypass to get to Butler Boulevard. The CTTF and NFTPO needs to conduct a study into building a bypass road on the west side of the Intracoastal to take traffic from Nocatee to Butler Boulevard.

Also, let’s finish the sidewalks down County Road 210 (Palm Valley Road) out to A1A. Let’s making the existing sidewalks in some areas wider to make to bicycles passing each other possible and safe! Let’s make walking and biking safer for our residents. Let’s stop building homes on postage stamp size lots on every piece of land left out at the beach. Build the homes, but with low density. Let’s keep A1A one of America’s Most Scenic Highways.

It is important that all PVB residents understand the impact that road expansion will have on our community. I encourage all PVB residents to join the PVB Road Expansion Proposal Facebook group for continued updates, and to express your comments, questions, suggestions and concerns by emailing our County Commissioner Jay Morris at bccd4@sjcfl.us, as well as the CTTF at cttfboard@yahoo.com.

Lona A DeBellis

Ponte Vedra Beach