Letter to the editor: The New Regime


With our new president, we all see there is controversy and tumult. There are walks of protest. Let us face the fact that he was elected by our democratic process. A country divided will not stand. Of course there are issues that are difficult to deal with and many will take opposing views.

The protection of our borders and the immigration policies can have dire consequences on many families. But on the positive side, what if many terrorists are subsequently prevented from entering this country? We all know too well what potential catastrophes could occur if this would happen. And of course, we do have a system that provides a balance of power, with our House and Senate and judicial system. Subsequently, if some policies are too harsh, or not fully in line with the people, they can be fine-tuned or altered.

Abortion is another monumental issue. We all understand there are individuals who are pro-choice and believe a woman has a right to terminate the life of an unborn child. But, on the positive side, that baby who is protected from abortion may grow up to be a teacher who positively transforms the lives of thousands of children, or a prolific writer who enlightens our culture, or a scientist or doctor who is responsible for finding a cure for multiple sclerosis or breast cancer. Could it not be true that these little people in the womb have so much potential to offer humanity? What about the tens of thousands of couples who would do anything to adopt a baby? Let us give our newly elected president a chance!

For those who harbor animosity against our new president over past statements, haven’t we all said things in the past that we regret and would love to take back? Are we not “one nation under God?” What does that God say about forgiveness?

We elected him. Let us at least give Donald Trump a chance.

Peter D. Kuhlman

512 Snowy Egret Court

Ponte Vedra Beach