Local wealth management company releases wealth-building strategy video series


Freedom Wealth Services in Ponte Vedra Beach has released an online wealth-building strategy video series entitled “Uncover the Proven Strategies Used by the Wealthy.”

The series consists of 14 educational videos that focus on strategies used by the wealthy and the specific retirement vehicles they choose over others. Freedom Wealth Services CEO Bill Constain and his team of wealth strategists have studied the characteristics of several wealth accumulation vehicles and concluded that there’s an underlining commonality with the individuals who are best positioned for financial success: they’ve been educated on the financial principles of how to efficiently grow, protect and transfer wealth. The company says the videos series was created with this foundation in mind.

The videos are designed to empower individuals of all kinds – business owners, teachers, executives – with the knowledge needed to position themselves for financial success. The company says the videos are not meant to replace a financial advisor, but rather teach wealth-building concepts at an easy-to-understand level.

Ponte Vedra residents can access the entire videos series free of charge. To do so, visit www.freedomwealthservices.net to activate your account and start watching the videos

For more information, please contact Bill Constain and his team at (904) 373-8349 or info@freedomwealthservices.com.