New technology combines GPS and social aspects to keep elders safe and connected


Despite a hyper-connected world, elders are often by themselves and vulnerable in many situations, leaving family members worried about their safety. A recently developed free app is providing newfound protection and peace of mind for all people involved. The app, Safe365, is being launched as the first free mobile telecare application for seniors. Through it, family members always know where their loved ones are, if they have arrived safely home or at their destination, or if a confused senior loved one may have wandered away. 

The app has other functionalities as well, including an emergency button for the senior to press to get help, automatic notifications when family members enters or leaves a certain area, an option to warn when a mobile device is running out of battery, or whether they have Internet access. In addition, Safe365 uses its intelligent notifications based on pattern detections of the elderly user. The machine learning aspect in the app helps understand habits of the family member and can send out an alert when something outside that habit takes place.

The app maximizes the use of GPS technology but also sports a social and “e-motional” side to it as well. It connects elders with their families via features like photo and mood sharing. It also offers an infinite scrolling social feed with latest family actions much like an Instagram-type app. Safe365 is available around the world with user presence in 193 countries around the world

“We are not following trends, but rather we are the first to develop an app for the elderly in an engaged, social and emotional way,” said Guillem Viladomat, CEO of Safe365. “Busy schedules sometimes keep us from remembering tasks involving elderly family members and make us feel guilty. With Safe365 it feels like you are connected to your family 24/7. Safe365 helps extend years of self-reliance for our loved ones, even delaying expensive senior housing solutions.”

Although the app has been designed to be a safety locator for the elderly, it is open to any type of audience that can adapt the app's functionality to their needs. For example, it can also serve as a GPS locator for children in case parents want to know their kids’ location when they return only from school or are headed to or from a friend’s house.

For more information on the full capabilities and benefits of Safe365, visit The app is free in both the Google Play Store (for Android devices) and the App Store (Apple iOS devices).


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