P.A.St.A. Art Gallery welcomes painter James Reynolds


The Professional Artists of St. Augustine (P.A.St.A.) Fine Art Gallery, of 214 Charlotte St., St. Augustine, has added new artist James “Jimmy” Reynolds to its membership. Reynolds hails from the Eastern Shore of Maryland, where the Chesapeake Bay is not only an inspiration for many artists, but holds a long-standing tradition of water crafts and lifestyles.

Reynolds studied fine arts at the University of Delaware with a focus on printmaking and photography. He has been painting professionally for 20 years. During his career as an educator where he instructed adults with mental illnesses and children with a variety of learning difficulties, his hands-on academic and arts-based educational activities provided many students with an important outlet for their creative energies. He founded the Radcliffe Creek School Seadogs Boatbuilding program while an instructor at Radcliffe. He was the art director at Radcliff Creek School from 2004 until his retirement to paint full time in 2010.

In 2021, Reynolds founded the Choptank Tolomato Legacy Project, an arts education nonprofit, to bring historical and environmentally focused public arts experiences to rural communities of both the Upper Eastern Shore of Maryland and North East Florida.

In 2022, the nonprofit facilitated the creation of a series of community-created murals in the Chesapeake region. Reynolds plans to bring this same energy and expertise in public arts to St. John’s County in the fall of 2023.

His energetic painting style reveals life on the water, whether from the viewpoint of a working boat or the comfort of a beach chair. Bold colors and expressive brushstrokes bring to life his scenes of working boats, wildlife, docks and coastal towns, whether from the Eastern Shore or Northeast Florida.

Reynolds and his wife, daughter and two dogs live under the spacious limbs of old live oak trees in Elkton.

See Reynolds’ work by going to pastagalleryart.com or on its https://www.facebook.com/pastaartgalleryFacebook page.

The Professional Artists of St. Augustine Fine Art Gallery was founded in 1982. The gallery has served an international clientele a wealth of local talent and award-winning local artists. The gallery’s mission is to showcase local and regional art and to educate and encourage area artists.