PLAYERS Championship surprises team with customized van

Edward Waters University women’s golf team will travel in style


The Edward Waters University (EWU) women’s golf team will arrive in style to their tournaments moving forward thanks to a gift from THE PLAYERS Championship. Earlier this month, THE PLAYERS surprised the team with a customized van to use for all their tournament travel.

In 2021, THE PLAYERS announced a $50,000 donation to help reinstate the women’s golf program at the university. THE PLAYERS’ grant helped Edward Waters University recruit and select a coach, fund student-athlete scholarships and assist with overall operational expenses. However, the biggest obstacle that the athletes have faced in the past year has been access to safe, reliable transportation.

“I’m very excited for the team to have consistent and reliable transportation,” said Kelly Allen, Edward Waters University's Women's Golf Coach. “Since I took over the program, getting to practice has been a struggle for us. I am extremely grateful that those days are behind us. This van is truly a game-changer for our program, and I cannot thank THE PLAYERS enough for their intentional and continued support of the EWU women’s golf program. This van will have a significant impact on our program, and our young ladies will benefit directly from this contribution.”

The van is a customized 2023 Ford Transit 15-passenger van that is wrapped in the colors of Edward Waters University to ensure that when the team travels to their next tournament in Charlotte later this month, they will arrive in style.

“When we make a commitment to an organization, it is so much more than writing a check,” said Jared Rice, executive director of THE PLAYERS Championship. “We truly strive to have a continued partnership, so when EWU shared that they were in need of transportation, we knew we had to act. We are honored to have the opportunity to help elevate the student-athlete experience at EWU and promote and grow the game of golf right in our hometown.”

Located 30 minutes from the PGA TOUR’s flagship property and Global Home, the state’s first private Historically Black College and University (HBCU) is one of only two HBCUs in Florida to offer a dedicated women’s golf program.