Please be kind to all creatures — Slow down!


To the individual who hit a Canadian goose and then left it flopping in agony as it slowly died to by the side of the road — I ask what kind of subhuman are you?

Alta Mar Drive in the Players Club is a 20 mph roadway. Where you going in such a hurry?

Even worse, the Canadian geese in here live in a flock — so no doubt this was not a single bird you just couldn’t avoid.

Most of us who have had to stop from time to time and watch as their hatch in the spring and grow throughout the summer, enjoy a little bit of nature in this plastic and based on you indifference uncaring world.

Did you know that geese mate for life? Probably not. You are more than likely gearing up for Florida’s first bear hunt.

Words cannot describe how I feel about you. Who\ever you are, you are the worst mankind has to offer.

Pity the poor turtle trying to cross a roadway to lay eggs, she would not stand a chance.

Rick Mansfield

Ponte Vedra