Resilience, community, vibrant living at Cypress Village


Following a stroke, Marilyn Halusky's life took an unexpected turn, yet she refused to let adversity dampen her spirit. At Cypress Village, she found not only a place to call home but a community of friends who embraced her with unwavering support. Surrounded by caring neighbors and dedicated staff, she embarked on a journey of healing and empowerment, propelled forward by the boundless encouragement and camaraderie of her Cypress Village family.

In a recent kayaking adventure organized by resident and outdoor enthusiast Marsha Green, Halusky's resilience and determination were on full display as she embraced the thrill of outdoor exploration alongside her peers. With the support of Hanna Park’s Dennis Thomas, who is certified for adaptive kayaking, she overcame obstacles with grace and determination, buoyed by the unwavering encouragement of her friends and the supportive environment of Cypress Village.

“Marilyn's journey should encourage all of us to not let age or a disability stop you,” said Green. “We have such a wealth of resources and experiences here at Cypress Village. You only need to ask. Her unwavering determination and positive outlook serve as an inspiration to us all. By daring to do the unthinkable, you really can empower yourself.”

Cypress Village is more than just a retirement community; it is a vibrant hub of activity, where residents like Halusky are encouraged to pursue their passions, embrace new experiences and forge meaningful connections.

Under the guidance of Lisa Drew, community life services director, and Ashley Miller, director of resident services, Cypress Village offers a diverse array of activities, events and wellness programs designed to promote physical, social and emotional well-being.

“Marilyn’s story serves as a testament to the transformative power of community support, vibrant living and the unwavering human spirit,” said Miller.

When hearing of the benefits and support offered, another resident, Herb Mulack, decided to join the adaptive kayaking trip after 65 years away from the water. There he discovered not only solace for his soul but also relief from his shoulder pain.

As Halusky continues her  journey at Cypress Village, she remains a beacon of hope, resilience and inspiration to her fellow residents, embodying the essence of vibrant living and community spirit that defines Cypress Village.

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Cypress Village is a premier continuing care retirement community located in Jacksonville. With a focus on exceptional care, vibrant community life and comprehensive wellness programs, Cypress Village is dedicated to enriching the lives of residents and empowering them to thrive in every aspect of retirement living.