Rethreaded, Telescope Health help human trafficking survivors get access to medical care


Telescope Health plans to provide its virtual health care services to Rethreaded, a Jacksonville nonprofit that serves survivors of human trafficking, by offering safe employment opportunities to help women develop new skills and gain back their independence.

The in-kind collaboration enables Rethreaded to expand its service offerings for employees, providing two highly-critical resources to women escaping human trafficking: employment and access to health care.

“For Rethreaded, it has always been my goal to provide our survivors with a safe haven that gives them the tools to grow, develop and ultimately succeed in this next phase of life,” said Kristin Keen, founder and CEO of Rethreaded. “Historically, we have focused on employment as the initial component to success. I’m thrilled by this partnership with Telescope Health that gives Rethreaded the means to expand the ways in which we support our women by eliminating barriers to medical care through telehealth.”  

Women experiencing human trafficking have risk factors that include substance abuse, mistreatment and physical and mental trauma, and lack of access to a medical provider can be fatal.

Telescope Health will offer Rethreaded employees in-kind telehealth services to include unlimited live video chats with board-certified physicians for both acute and urgent health care needs such as:

  • Symptoms evaluation (COVID and non-COVID-related)
  • Follow-up care
  • Medication refills, ePrescribing
  • Lab and imaging results discussion
  • Appointments to see a health care specialist
  • Health care navigation

“In the prior 12 months, much of the work we’ve done at Telescope Health involves finding opportunities to reduce health care disparities by improving access to care through telehealth services,” said Dr. Matthew Thompson, COO of Telescope Health. “Through this collaboration with Rethreaded, we’re offering medical care in a way that also significantly reduces the need to access transportation.” 

Through Telescope Health, 11 Rethreaded employees (survivors of human trafficking) can now experience unlimited virtual visits to speak with medical providers via the Telescope Health app.

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