Running is a family affair for Kyle and Rosie Scott


You can say athleticism literally runs in the Scott family, especially after the husband-and-wife tandem of Kyle and Rosie Scott each won their respective races during the Chemo Noir 1 Mile and Wine Tasting event on June 26.

Although both had competed in the event since it began a handful of years ago, it was the first time both had taken home winner’s trophies.

Rosie was the top finishing woman in the race for the third straight year on the beach (last year’s event was virtual), while Kyle reached the top spot in the men’s class and overall, after being runner-up twice in the past.

“Kyle calls me the GOAT of Chemo Noir,” Rosie Scott laughed.

Despite the past success, she was not overly confident going into this year’s event.

“I had a baby three months ago, so I was really sure what was going to happen,” Rosie Scott said. “There were a couple of girls right on my tail and one actually went in front of me at some point, but your competitive juices get going and I had enough energy to hang on.”

What made the moment even more special for the two of them was that their two-year-old daughter Sydney was there to share it with them for the first time. 

“It was really cool to see her cheering for us, and as a mom it just warmed my heart,” Rosie Scott said. “It was great to have her there to witness that moment.”

However, after the race she had her focus on getting a trophy of her own in the form of cake.

“She collected a lot of trophies,” Kyle Scott chuckled.

According to Kyle Scott, it was a different aspect for Sydney to be standing at the finish line watching, because she is usually in the stroller and going along with her parents when they go on club runs.

Kyle is from Arizona and Rosie is from Maryland, but the two moved to Neptune Beach about six years ago and they got into running at that same time.

“It’s such a great community vibe going on here,” Rosie Scott said.

The Scotts are part of the First Place Sports running team and run about four to five times a week.

“Health and fitness have always been a focus for us,” Rosie Scott said. “Our friends always call us crazy, because we’re those people that aren’t afraid to get up early and run or lift weights.”

According to Kyle Scott, being part of the club is also a great way to meet people and get to know others socially in the area.

The couple has gotten to know Chemo Noir founder and chairman Katrin Casey with their involvement and support of the nonprofit organization over the years.

“She’s just such a magnetic person,” Rosie Scott said.

Having been involved since the beginning, the Scotts can see growth in the interest around Chemo Noir.

According to Rosie Scott, they had friends that wanted to be a part of it but were unable to because the event sold out so quickly with it being capped at 500 people due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I think between the cause, what she’s raising the money for, and just the type of person she (Casey) is, it really is a great compliment to each other,” Kyle Scott said.


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