Sailtime offers benefits of boat ownership without the cost


Summer in Florida means warm breezes and swathes of glassy blue-green seas for days. And there’s no better way to enjoy Florida on the Historic Coast than on your very own sailboat.

SailTime Northeast Florida’s sail-sharing membership options allow sailors to enjoy the benefits of owning a boat without the cost and responsibility of actually owning a boat. Experienced sailors can select from a wide variety of sailboats, from monohulls to catamarans. SailTime members then have fractional membership of the vessel.

“Sailing really is one of the purest joys in life,” said Rose Ann Points, owner of SailTime Northeast Florida. “As a lifelong boater, parent and now a grandmother, I completely understand that boat ownership is not practical for everyone at every stage of their life. That’s where SailTime can really fill that gap. Instead of dedicating countless hours and dollars to maintenance and storage, St. Augustine Sailing’s SailTime members just walk down the dock, throw off the lines and sail away. We’re currently looking to add more boats to our fleet, including a Jeanneau 349, Jeanneau 380, Jeanneau 410 and a Lagoon 40.”

St. Augustine Sailing’s SailTime program offers four membership levels: Weekday, Lite, Classic and Premier. Weekday allows for four uses Monday through Friday. Lite allows for three sailing excursions per month, perfect for busy professionals and families. The Classic membership steps it up a notch, with seven sail times per month with additional times available with 36-hour prior scheduling. Sailors really looking to stretch their sea legs will enjoy the Premier membership, where members can cast the lines off a minimum of 14 times per month, including trips of seven continuous days and nights. Members can schedule their time using the cloud-based scheduling app.

St. Augustine Sailing even offers boat owners a chance to join the program with their own vessels, through a sister company, All Points Yacht Sales. Slip fees and routine maintenance fees are all covered as part of the membership. Owners can sleep soundly knowing that their vessel is cared for and operated by responsible, well-trained captains. The program also offers guaranteed income rather than profit sharing.

“Our members are all proficient sailors, but we do have options for beginners,” said Points. “We’re proud to offer one of the best sailing schools around, through our parent company, St. Augustine Sailing. Our American Sailing Association-certified instructors can take you from novice to skipper with in-depth, hands-on instruction. Once they’re certified, they can join SailTime Northeast Florida membership program and get out on the water.”

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