Sara Frasca


Sara Frasca is the co-owner of Trasca & Co. Eatery with Karina Coryell. Frasca is also the vice president of Innovation Enablement for Platypus Labs, an innovation consulting firm.


As told to Maggie FitzRoy


Q:  Most people in the community know you from Trasca & Co. Eatery, so when did you start your career with Platypus Labs?

A:  After carrying on my family’s legacy in the restaurant business, I wanted to restart my career in business. So I hired a general manager to take over the daily operations of the restaurant, which allowed me to be involved in the strategy with the restaurant while freeing up my time and stepping back a little bit.


Q:  Tell us about Platypus Labs.

A:  We help to unleash the creativity that lays dormant in individuals, teams and organizations, allowing them to think differently to drive results.


Q:  Who are some of the people and organizations you work with?

A:  We work with global brands and businesses that are eager to disrupt and find new ways of serving their customers and clients.


Q:  What types of companies?

A:  We work in a number of different industries, from automotive to financial services to consumer products.


Q:  What do you love about it?

A:  I get to work with so many different industries and groups. I get to work with so many different industries, schools, companies doing clinical trials to cure cancer. The second reason I love this—I have the opportunity to witness people having an ah-ha moment. I get the chance to see them realize that they, too, can find ways to drive everyday innovation. It’s very rewarding.


Q:  Do you travel a lot?

A:  I travel quite a bit. I like to joke that I see my boss and CEO more often than I see my friends. And the funny part is that he lives in Los Angeles.


Q:  In addition to California, where do you travel?

A:  All over the world. A lot of times when I do keynote speaking, I travel to where the company is having a team meeting. Could be Vancouver, Orlando, Las Vegas. I also travel to corporate headquarters around the world.


Q:  Tell us about your family.

A:  My husband, Jon Albert, is a fifth-grade teacher. We have five children. My husband was able to support me in opening the restaurant and then helping me with the family as I travel and help build the Platypus Labs business. My children are Ashley, 13; Georgia, 10; Alex, 9; Oliver, 8 and A.J., 7.


Q:  Who in the Ponte Vedra Beach or Jacksonville communities would benefit from your services?

A:  Leaders who know that innovation is important but aren’t sure how to build a culture that enables inventive thinking. Who want to empower their team, but need a systematic approach.


Q:  What type of business background do you have that prepared you for your career with Platypus Labs?

A:  I spent about 15 years in corporate America. I was also part of a couple of tech-based startups. And I also launched Trasca. It enabled me to be able to understand the entrepreneurial fire, tenacity, grit necessary for building a business. And to also understand just chasing the bottom line.


Q:  Do you have any hobbies?

A:  My family is everything to me. So chasing my kids around is what I do in my spare time. My husband and I also like to kayak in the Intracoastal.


Q:  Where did you grow up?

A:  In Minnesota, in St. Paul. I’m very happy to escape the cold.


Q:  Where do you live now?

A:  In Nocatee. We moved there in 2015 from Ponte Vedra Beach and we love it.


Q:  How can people learn more about your new business career?

A:  Visit or email me at


Photo provided by Sara Frasca



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