Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

Inaugurated: Dec. 20, 2007

Cost: US $545 million

Constructed by more than 3,000 workers from 38 companies over the course of 13 years.

Area: The campus is 30 acres, or 950 by 1,380 square feet.

Accommodation: 40,100 worshippers, with 10,000 indoors.

Courtyard: At 180,000 square feet, this contains the largest marble mosaic in the world.

Carpet in Main Hall: 60,570 square feet, created by 1,300 weavers. The carpet weighs 35 tons and contains 2.27 billion knots. It took two years to complete.

Chandeliers: These are some of the largest in the world at 49 feet in height and 33 feet in diameter with millions of Swarovski crystals.