Spruce up for spring: Interior design tips and trends


With stay-at-home orders issued throughout the pandemic and a general suggestion to stay indoors as much as possible, now, more than ever, people are taking long, hard looks at their homes. They are feeling bored of old design features and in the mood for something fresh and exciting.

Laura West, owner of Mineral City in Ponte Vedra Beach, explained the pandemic permanently affected the way designers both design and distribute their products. Sustainability is in, with a strong focus on cutting environmental damage as much as possible.

“It has become evident that purchasing disposable items, like fast fashion, food in unnecessary and non-recyclable packaging and even cheaply made, trendy furniture intended to be used for a few years (maximum) and then thrown away, has caused immense harm to our communal home,” said West.

To combat this, designers are pushing more sustainable options, like using natural materials and offering well-made, domestic heirloom furniture pieces. During the past year, designers have taken to suggesting reusing, reupholstering and repurposing furnishings as opposed to throwing them away and purchasing new ones. West also said that designers are taking into consideration the cost on the planet for long-distance shipping, and the waste it can create, so now designers are more interested in sourcing local and domestic products.

The past year has proved that open-floor plans remain a popular home feature, but now customers are interested in having the ability to close off small areas of the home for activities such as video conference calls and general decompression.

Home expansion projects have begun involving the use of outdoor space as a more resort-like feature, flowering landscaping, water features, piped-in music, sofas, string lights, outdoor kitchens and fire pits are on the rise in popularity.

According to West, practicality and performance fabrics for furniture have become more popular than ever.

“We are all ‘living’ in our homes now more than ever and when ‘life happens’ on your white sofa, you no longer have to panic,” she said. “You can relax and enjoy your home and easily clean off most accidental spills and dirt perhaps from a spilled glass of wine, from your children, grandchildren and pets.”

For kitchens and bathrooms, painted lower cabinets and pieces of furniture in colors such as warm brass or gold color hardware, waterfall marble/granite/quartzite or quartz countertops, and hand painted tiles are in.

To learn more design tips, or learn more about Mineral City, go to mcpvb.com.


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