Teens create butterfly garden at the link


Members of the Teen Club at the link in Nocatee have once again demonstrated their commitment to community and creativity. Led by Jeff Tawney, director of operations, the club embarked on a remarkable project in early February: the creation of a butterfly garden on site at the link. With passion and dedication, they envisioned, designed and budgeted for this beautiful addition to their surroundings.
Their efforts received a fortuitous boost when Tawney connected with two Lowe's representatives involved in the construction of a new store near the Beachwalk community off County Road 210 West. Impressed by the club's charitable endeavors and inspired by the butterfly garden idea, the representatives eagerly offered their support, inviting the Teen Club to submit a wish list.
Thanks to the generous contributions from five local Lowe's stores, the garden dream became a reality. Teen Club members rolled up their sleeves, cleaned up the space, prepared the area and tirelessly worked for four days until the project was completed.
The butterfly garden now stands as a serene place of reflection, featuring a rock river, vibrant planter boxes, colorful flowers and inviting park benches. Symbolizing beauty, grace and transformation, the butterfly motif holds a special significance, often seen as a sign of angelic presence and guidance in life.
In a touching tribute, the garden was dedicated to “Amma,” the mother of one of the link's founders, adding a deeply personal touch to this communal space. 

If you have teenagers who would like to be part of such impactful projects, consider joining the Teen Club. Reach out to jeff@thelink.zone for more information.