The science of detox


What exactly is "detox?”  Is this something you should do? 

According to a 2009 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report, Americans are carrying in their body over 219 toxic chemicals at any given time. Fatigue, irritability, joint pain and brain fog symptoms can be a result of an increased toxic burden. A detoxification program is a great way to clear your body of toxins to prevent disease, improve metabolism, lose weight and improve mental clarity. 

Detoxification begins with understanding that we encounter a lot of chemicals in our everyday lives. These chemicals get absorbed by the body through our skin, lungs, stomach or intestines. They then move into the cells of our body and can disrupt the normal health of these cells. The liver is responsible for inactivating harmful chemicals in our bloodstream. When harmful chemicals are eliminated, this reduces our risk of cancer and various other autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. 

A three-step detoxification program that is properly balanced can boost the liver’s ability to work efficiently. A typical program can be anywhere from seven to 28 days. The main steps include:

            1) Reduce. A detoxification program should begin by reducing harmful chemicals. Reducing your exposure to chemicals found in cleaning products, cosmetics and skin care products, as well as plastics and petroleum-based products, is essential. 

            2) Eat clean. The next step is to incorporate a healthy diet. A typical approach is to fast or juice for the first one to two days of your program and then transition into a healthy, clean Mediterranean diet.

            3) Pick your herbal powerhouse. It is a combination of nutrients and herbals that are at the heart of a quality detoxification program. A variety of nutrients are important for keeping the liver healthy. You want to be sure if you invest the time into doing a program, that you have a quality herbal product that works on the two key phases of liver detoxification: Phase 1 and Phase 2. Paradoxically, it is usually best to detoxify Phase 2 first. 

For patients with medical issues, it may best to speak with a holistic physician before embarking on a program to be sure your plan is safe for you.  Finally, be sure to ask a trusted holistic provider to evaluate any kit you want to try for quality and purity.

Feel great in the new year: Rid your body of unwanted toxins. Try a detoxification program to give your body the boost it needs to prevent disease, enhance your metabolism and improve your mental clarity.


Dr. Sharyl Truty has been engaged in family medicine, sports medicine and orthopedics for over 10 years in many different capacities. She is owner of a medical practice called Balanced Physician Care in Ponte Vedra Beach, which provides a unique solution for individuals and small business owners who are seeking answers to better health care. Dr. Sharyl Truty at Balanced Physician Care is offering a Detoxification Special this January that includes a detoxification kit and free consultation for anyone seeking further guidance from a medical professional. Visit, email or call (904) 940-4774 for more information.