Amara Med Spa welcomes new year with new procedures


Amara Med Spa has a pair of new procedures it has recently begun offering that are designed to help people look and feel like their best self at the start of 2022.

The new year brings with it resolutions, many of which center around feeling better and more confident in one’s appearance.

With that in mind, Amara now features DiamondGlow and Emsculpt Neo body contouring to help on the path to making sure those resolutions get achieved.

“We’re always trying to bring the best technology and procedures to the market,” said Jenny Schroeder, Amara’s Executive Vice President of Business Development. “We pride ourselves in that.”

According to April Michalopoulos, a licensed medical aesthetician at Amara, DiamondGlow is good for all skin types and the only time it cannot be used is on skin that is inflamed or has severe acne.

It uses physical exfoliations to revive dry or dull skin by removing dead skin cells and bringing the new cells to the forefront via suction.

“What makes it different is that it uses a physical diamond tip instead of chemical treatment,” Michalopoulos said.

Products on the market that use chemicals cannot be used on women who are pregnant or people with sensitive skin.

“It’s a gamechanger,” Michalopoulos said.

One of the best things about DiamondGlow and Emsculpt Neo is that both procedures are also convenient and only take about 30 minutes to complete.

There is a more advanced DiamondGlow approach, which takes up to an hour.

“You can literally go and have it done on your lunch break and no one will even know you had anything done,” Michalopoulos said.

She recommends routine skin treatment with DiamondGlow, as person’s skin cycle is every 28 days, which is when replenishment should take place.

Schroeder stated that the Emsculpt Neo is the only non-invasive technology on the market that uses radio frequency to fine tune muscles.

According to Schroeder, people see an average of 30% body fat loss and 25% increase in muscle by the end of the procedure.

However, she also wanted to remind the public that although the procedures are helpful toward feeling better, they are meant to be an addition to a healthy everyday lifestyle and not a replacement.

“It’s a really good jump start for the new year,” Schroeder said. “It strengthens your core and can build up your lower back.”

It takes about four treatments for Emsculpt Neo to begin to show results.

“Some devices can leave you swollen for months,” Schroeder said. “Emsculpt just makes it so quick and easy.”

The best way for residents interested in giving either procedure a try is to schedule an appointment by calling 904-686-7525 or by going to All consultations are free.


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