Boarded by Chef Vince offers custom charcuterie boxes, boards and grazing tables for all types of events

And First Coast residents are invited to get on board


North Florida is no stranger to up-and-coming businesses. Residents and newcomers alike try their luck on the shores of the First Coast by opening small shops, restaurants and food trucks in the hopes of making it big. Two St. John’s County residents have recently joined this group of hopefuls by opening their own catering business, specializing in the ever-popular charcuterie boards and grazing tables.

Chef Vince Pollaci and his wife, Tabitha, opened the proverbial doors to their business just a few months ago, at the beginning of November, dubbed Boarded By Chef Vince.

Boarded By Chef Vince offers an extensive variety of charcuterie boards, brunch boards, grazing tables and charcuterie boxes. Each order is unique, specifically customized for clients depending on allergies, preferences and seasonal availability.

Depending on the size of the board, Chef Vince goes about selecting the assortment of meats, cheeses, fruits and nuts.  As a trained chef and graduate from the Art Institute of Jacksonville, Tabitha Pollaci says Chef Vince is perfect for the job.

“He builds everything based on what’s in season and what the clients have requested specifically,” she said. “He knows the best flavor profiles.”

Launched just in time for the busiest season of the year, the Pollacis knew that they wanted to customize their boards to fit what clients would be looking for.

“As we entered the holidays, we tried to think of ways we could highlight the beauty of charcuterie, so we came up with the wreath,” said Tabitha.

The Grazer charcuterie option, a classic board from the Pollaci’s collection, feeds 4-8 people whereas a smaller board such as The Mini would feed 1-2 people. Each board comes with a wide selection of sweet and savory foods arranged in aesthetic perfection to be both a beautiful and delicious addition to any event or dinner party.

Along with catering options, Boarded By Chef Vince also offers “Ship-Cuterie,” a personalized to-go charcuterie board available in two sizes. The Starter, a 12-by-12-inch slate cheese board with meat, cheese, honey, jam, olives and other accompaniments could make a wonderful gift or surprise for a loved one.

For larger scale events, such as brunch, the Pollacis can provide a Grazer Board or a Grazing Table. The Grazer Board for brunch includes pastries, spreads, fruits, bagels and other sweets for up to 14 people. The Grazing Table for brunch can serve over 15 people, and is personalized with accompaniments depending on the season and the size of the party.

This family-owned-and-operated catering business operates primarily through their website and social media accounts, although they hope to have a brick-and-mortar storefront one day in the future. You can find more about the board selections at or go to Instagram at @boarded_by_chef_vince.


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