Fitness studio offers unique 20-min workouts that pack a punch


Amy Yorio, a physician and fitness instructor from Ponte Vedra, recently accomplished her goal of bringing more health and wellness options to the community by opening a new franchise of the Body 20 workout studio in Ponte Vedra Beach.

Body 20 is a boutique fitness studio with a unique take on a fast yet effective workout routine which only takes 20 minutes and provides the effect of 3-5 hours at the gym.

How is this possible? Thanks to new EMS electro-muscular stimulation. Electric and magnetic fields recruit more muscle fibers to localized areas of the body to create a full body workout. The impulses from the EMS are customizable depending on the person, ranging from high to low depending on the person and the desired effect. Since it recruits more body fibers, it is effective at recruiting lean muscle mass, as well as strengthening your core, relieving low back pain, helping improve posture, and reduce overall body fat.

The Body 20 studio also offers its members a special in-body analysis, which is used both to prescribe the best fitness program for the specific member, but also to keep members accountable at their 6-week check-ins. Additionally, the analysis can show muscular imbalances, which can help decrease injuries based on muscle related issues.

“This is basically a new, revolutionary fitness concept,” said Yorio.

When deciding to open a Body 20 franchise, Yorio was extremely devoted to ensuring the scientific proof of the method.

“I really did the research on the science behind it,” she said, “just to make sure it was not something that was a gimmick.”

After taking some classes, and doing her research, Yorio opened the new studio and held an official ribbon cutting on March 29.

The workouts are 1-on-1 based with a nationally certified EMS coach, and offered in two methods: strength mode and cardio mode.

Membership options come in three packages, with each increasing the number of classes per month. “Activate” comes with four classes per month, all of which are strength mode. “Amplify” comes with six classes per month, four of which are strength mode and two are cardio mode. “Transform” comes with eight classes per month, with an equal number of strength mode and cardio mode classes.

So far, member and community reaction has been overwhelmingly positive, with many happy customers signing on for additional classes and upgraded memberships.

“Almost everyone can agree on the benefits of exercise on over health and wellness,” said Yorio. “To be able to bring that to my own community and see people benefiting from it is really rewarding.”

To book a session at Body20, or learn more about the programs, go to


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