Underwood’s enjoys busy time of year


Underwood’s of Ponte Vedra hosts Erica Courtney event

Some of the most famous female celebrities have worn Erica Courtney’s jewelry designs over the years, and she made a visit to the Ponte Vedra Beach Underwood Jewelers location as part of a meet-and-greet event Oct. 21.

Coming to Ponte Vedra Beach has become an annual event in recent years brought about by the partnership she shares with Underwood Jewelers and its owner Clayton Bromberg.

The Ponte Vedra Beach location is the only Underwood Jewelers to showcase Courtney’s designs as part of its selection.

Julia Roberts, Jessica Alba and Sandra Bullock are some of the celebrities who have worn Courtney’s jewelry designs during red carpet premieres.

According to Courtney’s website, her jewelry collection includes fine and rare gemstones that are sourced around the world with the goal of creating a delicate, feminine style.

Courtney is known for her Drop Dead Gorgeous collection of jewelry which includes a variety of rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets to choose from.

Underwood Jewelers was founded in 1928 and is a member of the American Gem Society, which is a jewelry trade organization dedicated to consumer protection.

Underwood Jewelers hosts Luminous Diamonds event

The Underwood Jewelers introduced luminous diamonds as part of its showcase at a launch party at its Ponte Vedra Beach location Oct. 14.

According to John Rutkowski, registered jeweler and manager of the Ponte Vedra Beach store, the night was to the first opportunity to introduce a new brand of diamond to the community and one that he believes Underwood’s clients will be intrigued by.

The diamonds are made in Italy and mined by ALROSA based out of Russia, which according to its website, is one of the world’s largest companies in terms of the amount of rock mass processed.

“It’s kind of a sleeping giant in the diamond industry,” said Adam Fried, director of sales development for Luminous Diamonds. “The diamonds they get are close to the Arctic Circle.”

According to Fried, they wanted to partner with Underwood’s because its owner Clayton Bromberg is held in such high regard within the diamond industry.

“Basically, last night we launched our brand,” Fried said. “It was the right place to be for both of us.” 

Fried stated that the thing that makes Luminous Diamonds unique is the fact that they give a blue glow when placed under ultraviolet light.

“It is a reminder to each woman who wears them of their inner light inside,” Fried said.


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